Dune Buggies in Amber Cove | Carnival Breeze Cruise Vlog Day 03

It’s Day 03 of their Carnival Breeze Cruise and Sean and Stef are in Amber Cove. After a quick breakfast, Sean and Stef meet the Carnival Shore Excursion crew in the Sapphire restaurant and leave the ship with their tour group. A quick 40 minute bus ride later and Sean and Stef arrive at the Outback Terracross Adventure in the Dominican Republic.

Sean and Stef’s dune buggy adventures start off road, through towns, in small forests and more off roading. They take a short break where the Outback Safari Tour Guide climbs a tree and grabs fresh coconuts for the tour. After the best coconut ever, it’s time for more dirty, dusty fun driving the dune buggy all over farm land and other remote areas. Lots of cattle and ranchers everywhere.

The second stop is at a small lake where you can swim or just chill. Sean and Stef opt to stay dry but get to sample the best mangoes on the planet.

After relaxing by the water it’s time to jump back in the buggies for the last ride back to the Outback Safari Adventures. There Sean and Stef were given delicious drinks and cheered the tour guides. After the toast it’s back on the bus to the Carnival Breeze at port in Amber Cove.

After their fun filled day at the Outback Terracross Adventure, Sean and Stef have pre-dinner cocktails at the unbelievable Alchemy Bar followed by the best Italian dinner ever at Cucina Del Capitano. After that it’s a slow stroll through the ship and back to the cabin, ready for another day on board the amazing Carnival Breeze.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Carnival Breeze | Carnival Breeze Cruise Vlog Day 02

The Ultimate Guide to the Carnival Breeze – Cruising with Sean and Stef

Join Sean and Stef as they explore the entire Carnival Breeze. Starting on Deck 15, the Serenity Deck and covering the Cloud 9 Spa, Waterworks, Sportsquare, Sports Court, Upper Pool Deck, Cucina del Capitano, beach pool, Blue Iguana Cantina, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, Guy’s Burger Joint, Lido Marketplace buffet, Pirate Pizza, Red Frog Rum Bar, Tandoor, Tides Pool, Warehouse Video Arcade, Carnival Thrill Theater, Alchemy Bar, Bonsai Sushi, Bonsai Sushi, Cherry on Top, Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse, The Fun Shops, Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse, The Lanai, The Library Bar, Liquid Lounge, Ocean Plaza, Piano Bar 88, Pixels, Breeze Atrium, Horizon Casino, Limelight Lounge, Blush Restaurant, Sapphire Restaurant and more.

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We’re Sailing on the Carnival Breeze! | Carnival Breeze Cruise Vlog Day 01

Today Sean and Stef drive to Port Canaveral, where the Carnival Breeze waits to take them on their next Caribbean journey! Join Sean and Stef as they go through embarkation (getting on the ship), find their Cove Balcony stateroom, hunt for ship snacks, attend muster drill (life boat drill), sail away party, enjoy dinner in Cucina Del Capitano (Italian restaurant) and end the night with craft cocktails and amazing live music in the Alchemy Bar. What an amazing first day on a truly fantastic ship.

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We’re Sailing on the Royal Princess November 17, 2018. Join Us!

I’m beyond words. I’ve been staring at the screen for hours not knowing how to put this.

We’re sailing on the Royal Princess on November 17, 2018 all because of a wonderful human named Brittany Watson. Like we said in our article, it was a long shot to get on to this cruise and thanks to Brittany and her awesome company Your Perfect Getaway by Brittany Watson, we’re going on the trip!

From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough for this kind of love and support! THANK YOU BRITTANY!

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It’s A Long Shot, But We’re Going to Try

Hey Friends!

As you may or may not know, we just got back from our very first Carnival Cruise. It was on the Carnival Horizon and we had the best time ever. While on the Horizon we ended up finding out about Fathom excursions and we tried our very first one.  Now I’m forever changed.

You can see our first Fathom trip, The Hands on Chocolate Experience at Chocal here:

This was our first experience with Fathom Travel and Carnival Cruises. It was magic. It was life changing. All we want to do is more. Impact Travel has changed us forever.

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Why Do We Do This?

Hi Friends!

We’re often asked why do we do this? Why do we vlog? Comments range from This seems like a lot of work to Who wants to hold a camera for their entire vacation? 

First and foremost this isn’t work for us. Video takes time and effort but it’s not work. It’s a passion project, a way to connect with Stefanie and our combined effort to put a little joy in the world.

We love video. We love travel. We love each other. Why not start a channel?

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Leaving the Carnival Horizon and Going Back to Orlando | Carnival Horizon Cruise Vlog Day 09

Today is disembarkation day on the beautiful Carnival Horizon. Sean and Stef start the day super early to watch sailing into New York City. The sail in to New York City is unlike any other sail in ever. It starts with sailing under the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, sailing past the Statue of Liberty, sailing past the World Trade Center, Manhattan, Times Square and a sharp turn into Pier 88. After docking, Sean and Stef take priority disembarkation and head back into New York City. After a quick lesson in sidewalks vs bike lanes, Sean and Stef head to a cab stand and drive to JFK airport. Then it’s a quick 3 hour flight on Jet Blue and back home to Orlando where Sean and Stef are greeted by their loving gato family. This was by far the best cruise that Sean and Stef have ever had.

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The Best Last Day Ever | Carnival Horizon Cruise Vlog Day 08

It’s the final sea day on the beautiful Carnival Horizon and Sean and Stef are determined to cram in as much fun as possible. They start with an amazing Seaday Brunch followed by pool and hot tub time in the stunning Havana Pool area. After the pool Sean and Stef relax in their Havana Cabana patio, complete with a beach swing and lounge chairs. Sean and Stef keep the fun going with High Tea in the Main Dining Room, complete with music from Impact, the violinists from Celestial Strings. After tea, it’s time to visit the Alchemy Bar for fantastic craft cocktails. After drinks at the Alchemy Bar, Sean and Stef pack up their cabin and get ready for disembarkation. Dinner is at the Pig & Anchor where Sean and Stef try out amazing barbecue and unique cocktails. After dinner at the Pig & Anchor, Sean and Stef finish the night with cocktails at the Alchemy Bar where Stef finally tries an Old Fashioned. After saying goodbye to the most amazing crew ever it’s off to bed for an incredibly early sail in.

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Seaday Brunch, IMAX Movies and Celestial Strings | Carnival Horizon Cruise Vlog Day 07

It’s a Sea Day on the Beautiful Carnival Horizon and Sean and Stef are excited to see what the ship has to offer! They start the day with Seaday Brunch followed by ship snacks at the Cherry on Top store. After loading up on the ship snack goodness it’s off to the Carnival Multiplex for the Thrill Theater. Sean and Stef try the level 1 experience at the Carnival Thrill Theater. They retreat to the Horizon bar while they wait for their movie to start. After drinks in the atrium bar they head back to the Carnival Multiplex to experience their first IMAX movie at sea! After the IMAX movie it’s time to head back to the cabin to get ready for formal night. After changing in the cabin it’s off to pre-dinner cocktails at the amazing Alchemy Bar and then dinner at the unreal JiJi Asian Kitchen for the best meal ever. After dinner at JiJi, it’s back to the Alchemy Bar for more fantastic craft cocktails. Sean and Stef continue their evening in the Liquid Lounge watching the unbelievable Celestial Strings. Formal night continues with the Electric White Night Party in the Atrium and a massive balloon drop. Finally a night cap at the Alchemy Bar and then it’s off to bed, dreaming of another amazing sea day on board the Carnival Horizon.

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Hands on Chocolate Experience at Chocal | Carnival Horizon Cruise Vlog Day 06

The AMAZING Women of Chocal | Carnival Horizon Cruise Vlog Day 06

Today the Carnival Horizon ports in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, and for Sean and Stef it’s all about giving back to the local community & helping out. Sean and Stef have signed up for the Chocal Hands on Chocolate Experience, high up in the mountains of Altamira. This is a Fathom Excursion, an amazing organization that Sean and Stef support 100%. See more about Fathom here: https://www.fathom.org/

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