Nine Ways That You Can Spice Up Your Travel Vlog with Emojiis

Here are nine ways that you can spice up your Travel Vlog with Emojiis.

If you watch our vlog, you know that Stefanie loves two things. Snapchat and Emojiis. Here are nine times you can spice up your own vacation video with emojiis.

When You’re Feeling Blue.

Maybe you had the best vacation ever and you don’t want it to end?

When the food fights back.

The nausea is real.

When thumbs down doesn’t cut it.

Is 5 Star Badness a thing?

When great feedback deserves a happy face.

Happy times = smiling faces.

When there’s questionable signage at an even more questionable pool.

Yeah. Wasn’t going anywhere near this.

When love is in the air.

I mean the emojii is winking AND kissing. HELLO.

When you climb ten decks and have nothing left.

Feel the burn.

When you get hit with an epic photo bomb.

The best photo bombs deserve to be rewarded.

When you just gotta smile.

There’s always room for a big smile.

That’s just 9 examples of how emojiis can spice up your daily vlog. Do you use emojiis in your vlog? Leave a comment below and let us know how you use them. Also, if you haven’t seen our vlog please check it out here. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube, we’ll be your best friends! (Thanks bestie!)

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Sean Mullen is a Travel Filmmaker, Vlogger, VFX Artist, Brand Ambassador and the CEO & Lead Designer of Rampant Design, Inc. He is a 3 Time Emmy Award Winner and former Walt Disney World Monorail Pilot. Sean is married to the AMAZING Stef IRL.

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