10 Things to Do on Sea Days

10 Things to do on Sea Days

“There’s nothing to do on the ship”

“I can’t wait to get to port”

Um whut?

Sea Days FTW!

We’ve heard it all. The complaining that there’s nothing to do. The OMG the captain is driving so slow. The “Are we there yet?” backseat driver mentality of many cruisers. Um What?? Sea Days RULE. Seriously. Here’s 10 things you can do to make the most (or least) of your day on the open sea.

It’s All About the Vitamin D.

When you talk cruising most people talk Food, Drinks & SUN. It’s all about that sunshine! Don’t waste your time setting an alarm and holding your pool chair starting at 6am. Most ships have little nooks that you can find to get a little more privacy. Sailing on the Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Getaway or Norwegian Escape? Check out the Vibe beach club. Sailing on the Norwegian Epic? Check out Posh. Neither Vibe or Posh ever get all that crowded (compared to the public spaces around the ship) and you get a little slice of sunshine to yourself. There’s also public non-paid spaces like this Public sun deck on deck 18 forward on the NCL Epic.

The Public Sun Deck on Deck 18 Forward on the Norwegian Epic is almost never busy.
The Posh Club on the Norwegian Epic is a lot of things but it’s not crowded.


Don’t Be So Hangry. (All the foods.)

Get your grub on. Most cruises have tons of food offerings. Why not try something that you wouldn’t normally? Of course there’s the buffet. Why not try the grills? The sit down restaurants? The specialty dining? Food Republic & Margaritaville FTW.

There is so much good food on board you could just snack all day. 

Yes, where is the ‘All the Foods’ button?



Slide Slide Slippidy Slide. (There’s also pools, putt putt, ropes courses, climbing walls)

It’s been years since we’ve traveled on a ship that doesn’t have tons of pools, slides, ropes courses, climbing walls, etc. So get your bathing suit on and SPF it up, most of these slides hold their own compared to their land based counterparts. What are you waiting for? The only thing you’ll do is smile and get back in line for another run.

Get your swim on! Certainly not how I describe ‘Nothing to do.’


That Finish Though. Wine Tasting so Much Wine Tasting.

Wine pairings, whiskey pairings, cocktail classes and more. These ships always have some kind of alcohol related class going on. This is always a lot of fun and a remarkable way to spend time with a loved one.  


Just enjoying the afternoon with the love of my life, having some great wine and chocolate. How exactly does this suck?


Sea Flix & Chill.

Port days or any days on a ship can be crazy active. You can fill your time with so much that you may want to take a breath on a sea day and that’s OK. Most ships play movies during the day at various locations on the ship. You can also grab a drink & snack, head back to your cabin, put on your comfiest PJs and snuggle into your bed. If you travel in the Haven on Norwegian you get access to dozens of first run films. On our last two trips we watched The Mummy, IT, The House, and so much more. There’s something amazing about taking a minute to hang out with the one you love, gently rocking at sea and watching a good movie. It refreshes you so you can go out and attack all of the amazing nightlife on board.

Skipper Stef doing the PJ dance. She loves Sea Days.


These are the same moves that our cable provider is charging to rent. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll love the Haven.



Double or Nothing.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a ship without a casino. Most ships have all kinds of amazing games of chance to offer. Everything from that elusive quarter machine to slots to card and table games. They’ve got you covered. This is an excellent way to pass the time.

No shortage of ways you could pay for your cruise or double the cost.

Hide the Rum.

Most if not all of us are on some kind of drink pass. This means you can explore drinks that you never would if you were paying for each drink individually. Why not try that drink that you never would? Or maybe explore what each bar has to offer? Our favorite ships have like 17+ bars. 

No shortage of amazing craft drinks, specialty bars and experiences for you to spice up your sea day.


Get Your Knowledge On. 

There’s always something going on all over the ship. How to create towel animals, how to dance salsa, flash mobs, food prep, how to run a floating hotel lecture, ship tours, meet the performers, etc. Grab a daily newsletter or hit the cruise line app and get busy having fun! 

So much to do and so little time to do it. Check out all the amazing events going on during your sea days.


Keep it Pub Sporty.

There’s so much to do on these ships some of them have observation towers, sky diving, surfing simulators, zip lines, even go karts. Pretty much every ship has an arcade and a pub with pub games. So get your darts on, play some pool, race your friends, skeeball it up or dominate in Guitar Hero. There’s all kinds of fun crazy things to do on board. Some of our favorite ships have bowling on board! Be a kid at heart and do something you wouldn’t normally do. You’d be surprised at how much silly fun you can have while bowling or playing basketball or skeeball.

Bored is not in our Sea Day vocabulary.

Sweat Off Those Cals, So You Can do it Again and Again.

Did you see number 2 on the list? If you burn em, you can eat em. The gyms on these things rival that of our mega gyms here at home. Plus you have a killer ocean view while you work out. Not feeling that kind of burn? Sweat it out in the spa, grab a massage or chill in the ice room. Not feeling the cost of a spa? Head on down to deck 4 and walk up to 16. Then do it again. Nothing reminds you of your mortality than being four decks away from your goals.

Climbing 10 decks is equal parts brutal and awesome.

High Five a Vlogger.

OK, this is #11. Call it a bonus. If you see us on a ship, say hi! We’d love to say hello and give you a big high five! Also, if you haven’t checked out our Travel Vlog, please do so and let us know what you think! Thanks! What do you do on sea days? Leave a comment below and tell us how you travel!

We love to travel. If you see us, say hi!
That’s just us snappin on a ship.

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