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Virgin Voyages? YES PLEASE!

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Um Whut??? HECK YES! Virgin’s next venture… A cruise line. In typical Virgin style they aren’t just limping into the game. They are determined to change cruising for the better and we could not be more impressed!

“We basically decided, ‘Let’s have a blank sheet of paper, let’s create the kind of voyage company that we would like to go on,’ and that’s what we’ve done.”


Virgin is building its own 18+ and older cruise line called Virgin Voyages. Something great to note is that Richard Branson wants Virgin Voyages to be the cleanest on the seas. The Virgin Cruise line will feature a gray hull, smoked glass, and touches of the Virgin red. The company wants to install technology that’ll turn waste into energy with the goal being to leave nothing behind.

There are three Virgin ships in production. They’ll each host over 2,700 passengers and 1,150 crew members. The first sail is scheduled for 2020.

We can’t wait for an opportunity to travel & vlog on these beautiful ships!

Great work Virgin!

Check out the Virgin Voyages site here and sign up for their newsletter:

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