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Hey friends! (IRLers!) We receive a LOT of private emails, DMs and messages all over the net. The most common questions are How do you Travel so Often? Why are you always so happy? How did you get to this point in your life? We also get Do you fight a lot? I’ll answer these and more below. But first it all boils down to our personal Mantra and mission:

Life is too short to spend it at a desk. Truly.

We had it all figured out. We both had strong careers, we wanted a big (I mean BIG) family, we wanted the nice house with the fence and pool, etc. etc. etc. Well, long story short that didn’t pan out and it’s OK. If you’re really interested in how we got to this point in our lives, you can watch our personal vlog here, fair warning it’s emotional.

It doesn’t matter where we are in the world, Stef loves to smile!

That brings us up to date and the point of this article. Our mission for Sean and Stef IRL.

Our mission is simple:

We’ve dedicated our lives to spreading light, joy and happiness.


This one is critical. It’s how I lowered my stress and dropped over 200lbs. Travel has fulfilled me in ways I may never be able to fully explain. Traveling allows us to disconnect from the land and reconnect with each other. It allows us to meet truly amazing individuals from all over the world. If we’re going to work every day of our lives there needs to be some kind of payoff. I really don’t want to die at my desk and that very thing almost happened, twice. I wasn’t going to wait for a third time.

It’s fun to be able to make memories all over the world.

Emotional Investment:

Stefanie is my best friend. She’s my world. She makes me a better person every day. Just because we can’t have a family of our own doesn’t mean we can’t love and invest in each other daily. Marriage is tough, or at least it can be. When you go through the many hardships that we have, or worse, it can tend to lead to divorce. It’s easy to say ‘well, nothing works, I’m out.’ That’s not us. OK, so our plans morphed into this new thing, this IRL thing. Have you seen our show? You know that funny little phrase Stef says like every two seconds? What will the day bring? I don’t know! Or What will the future bring? I don’t know! It’s our cute, fun and positive way of embracing the chaos that is life and moving on. It’s also just a silly thing to emote on snapchat, I mean we love fun, yo.

Snapchat goofiness FTW

In life, we’re all free to roam about the cabin but most of us actively look for reasons not to. It could be fear, it could be friends and loved ones feeding you reasons not to, it could be financially motivated, etc.

Instead of washing our hands of each other or wallowing in sorrow, we had our tears, had some talks and moved on with each other as our core mission. If we can’t invest in our children, we’ll invest in each other. By focusing on one another and building each other up, we’re able to pursue our third and most important goal: Actively putting positivity into the world.

Proof that any place in the world is your fun photo booth.

Spreading Positivity:

We’ve been hit with hardships of all kinds. Most people have. Financial, medical, ethical, spiritual, emotional, you name it. We’ve dealt with it. Personally and professionally we’re hit with negativity every single day. A while ago we chose to separate ourselves from constantly spouting negative things and the people who do it. It’s super easy to get caught up in cyber drama and to spread hate. I’m not built to do that and it hurts me. I talk more about that here.

We do our absolute best to spread joy, positivity and happiness everywhere we go. It may sound hella corny, but happiness is a choice. It’s not always easy and we’re humans so there are days or times where being positive is by far the more difficult option.

It’s 58 degrees. Hella windy and our excursions were cancelled. We make our own fun.

Once we started on this journey, we began to realize something. The more positivity you put out there, the more it comes back. We are personally and emotionally fulfilled by the amazing people we meet, the wonderful connections we make online with each of you and the absolute AMAZING emails and comments we receive every day.

Sometimes it’s just cool to let loose.

One thing on this journey has become crystal clear:

We do have a family. It’s you.

That’s right you wonderful peeps of the Internet and planet Earth, you’re our family now and there’s nothing you can do about it. 🙂


Just chillin on a lounge chair loving the journey.

So if you think about it, we’re not traveling, we’re just going around the globe visiting family. See you at the next reunion.

Bonnie and Clyde.

Oh. Yeah. The fighting thing. Yikes.

Not sure why this is a constant question. Not going to pretend that we don’t argue on occasion. We’re both strong willed people. We work 100 hour weeks. We spend 24 hours a day with each other. We get attacked from family, friends, strangers and complete liars trying to get a rise out of us. There are times where we both dig in our heels and refuse to back down. Truth be told it really isn’t that often and can usually be attributed to outside jerkiness, long work hours or lack of sleep. So yes, there are squabbles once in a while. We love and adore one another and work every day to strengthen our relationship. We’re not perfect. We put in hard work in everything we do and that includes our marriage.

I’ll end this article with some of my favorite memories with Stef:

“Take me places”
Freezing cold sunrise. Best moment ever.
“Let’s live on a ship.”


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