Johnny’s Scooter and ATV Rental Review

Watch our tour of St. Maarten with Johnny from Johnny’s Scooter and ATV Rental.


Touring St. Maarten with Johnny from Johnny’s Scooter and ATV Rental.

Today we explore the beautiful island of St. Maarten and we get to do it via ATVs! We had the best tour ever with Johnny’s Scooter and ATV Rentals. After a brief introduction about our tour and how to use the ATVs we were off and running. We stopped at Oyster Pond, Galion Beach, The Iguana Stop with Nate the Iguana Man, Friars Bay, Marigot and the world famous Maho Beach. This was, by far, one of the best tours that we have ever done. I didn’t think that I was going to like driving an ATV around an island for four hours, I was wrong. I loved every minute of this beautiful island and the ATV was a ton of fun.

Overview / What is the Tour All About?

This is the best way to see all of St. Maarten / Sint Martin. Truly. It’s fun, you’re not trapped in a stinky bus or cab, it’s just you, your group and the island. A fantastic way to tour and see every corner of this beautiful place! The tour offers a choice of scooters (motorcycle endorsement required) or ATVs (literally no experience necessary). Of course the best part of the tour? Johnny himself. He knows his stuff and is super professional and friendly.

Where is Johnny’s Scooter and ATV Rental?

When you get to the port in St. Maarten, head past the exit and turn left. It’s a five minute walk until you see the big yellow sign.


Cost of the Island Tour:

Scooter Double Rider – $119

Scooter Single Rider – $85

ATV Double Rider – $160

ATV Single Rider – $120


Length of Tour:

The length of the tour is approximately four hours. Worth every penny and second of your time.

Check In Time: 10.00 AM
Departure Time: 10.30 AM
Back At Base: 2.30 PM

Stop 1: Oyster Pond

Our first stop, after about a 15 – 20 minute leisurely drive, was Oyster Pond. This area has been wrecked badly by the hurricane. It’s a beautiful area and important to see how the rebuild process is going.

Stop 2: Galion Beach

Our second stop, a stunningly beautiful kite surfing beach that is also home to a sea turtle reserve.

Stop 3: The Iguana Stop with Nate the Iguana Man

If you visit St. Maarten you need to stop at the Iguana Stop and meet Nate the Iguana Man and his family. You’ll learn a bit about these amazing little guys, you’ll get to feed them and Nate might introduce you to the largest Iguana, the big Orange dude who acts like a lizard mob boss. Buy a water or soda, grab a souvenir and feed the iguanas. What’s not to love?

Stop 4: Friar’s Bay and Kali’s Beach Bar

Quite possibly the most beautiful beach in the entire island, Friar’s bay is quiet, stunning and home to the most chill bar on the planet, Kali’s beach bar. They don’t accept credit cards here, so if you want to grab lunch bring your cash. Also a fantastic place to swim as well. You typically stop here for around 45 minutes, plenty of time to swim, grab a drink or have some lunch.

Stop 5: Marigot

Next stop is Marigot. The capital of the French side of the island. Great little market here to load up on souvenirs or just walk down the shore and admire the beauty of it all.

Stop 6: Maho Beach

This beach needs no introduction. It literally has thousands of videos on YouTube showing people getting blown away by jet blasts of departing aircraft. It’s also home to a few beach bars where you can cool off and watch the planes. We stopped at the drift wood bar. Surprisingly it’s also home to a beach. 🙂 And it’s a nice one too. The water is gorgeous.

Common Questions:

Was it easy to drive an ATV in St. Maarten?

Super easy. Johnny makes sure that the group travels together and doesn’t get separated. Driving in St. Maarten is no different than most places. You have to pay attention and make sure that you’re aware of your surroundings. Other than that, you don’t go that fast and the only thing you probably need to get used to is that other cars can and absolutely will pass you. So hang right a bit and be aware of the cars behind you. Everyone is incredibly friendly.

Is there a Weight Limit?

The scooters have a weight limit of 300lbs. The ATVs do not have a reported weight limit. To be honest if you’re going to ride doubles, take the ATV. Less hassle and more horsepower, especially for the hills.

Is there an Age Limit?

You must be 18 years old to drive the scooter / ATV and have a valid driver’s license. Under 18 can ride with a licensed driver.

Do I need a Driver’s License?

To drive an ATV, you must have a valid Driver’s License.

Do I need a Motorcycle License?

You need an endorsement or motorcycle license to rent & drive the scooters.

Do I have to refuel the ATV?

If you go on the tour, gas is included and you do not need to refuel.

Do I Have to do the Tour? Can I Rent a Scooter / ATV and Travel on My Own?

You do not have to do the tour. Scooter Rental is $65 for the day which includes gas and third party insurance. You must have a motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle drivers license to rent the scooter. ATV rental is $99 for the day and does not include gas. You do not need experience to rent the ATV.

Do I Need to Bring Cash for the Tour?

The majority of places that you stop along the tour do not accept credit cards. Make sure to bring cash. Lots of great shops and restaurants await, you don’t want to miss out. All of the stops accepted US currency.

Would You Tour With Johnny Again?

Yep I would. And we did. We ended up touring with Johnny a second time during our MSC SeaSide cruise. Will post a link to that review soon. The point is we’d tour with Johnny tomorrow if we could. The absolute best way to tour the island is with Johnny.

Overall Review / Final Thoughts

I had the time of my life. Truly an experience that I will never forget. 5 stars, I cannot recommend Johnny enough. Seriously a fantastic human being with a great service at a great price.

If you’re going to St. Maarten, you need to meet Johnny. Check out his site and book your tour here:

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