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Allure of the Seas – Cabin 3652

It’s Cabin Talk Time!!

This review is all about our oceanview stateroom on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. Our cabin was #3652 and it was probably my favorite non-suite room we have ever stayed in. Wanna know why I loved it so much? Keep reading…


• Location. Location. Location! – Seriously this one tops the list on faves about this room. We were on Deck 3 and that put us smack dab in the middle of everything, without really needing the elevators too much. Check out why a Deck 3 location was so awesome:

  1. American Icon Grill – This is the main dining room for breakfast, lunch and for any passengers with My-Time Dining. Seriously, the restaurant was 40 steps from our room (I may have counted, haha). It was amazing to know that we could be at the restaurant in less than 2 minutes. This was especially great for the mornings we would sleep in a tad longer than usual and we had to quickly run to catch breakfast before it closed.
  2. Royal Promenade – The main Allure of the Seas deck is Deck 5 and this is home to the Guest Services, a multitude of snack possibilities and it was also home to our favorite coca-cola machine. We only had to walk up one flight of stairs to reach the Royal Promenade. I can’t even count how many times we would run up, grab a slice of pizza, fill up our coke cups and then head back to the room. This ended up being our nightly routine from Day 3. It was the best way to end the day and I absolutely love ship snacks, hehe.
  3. Port Days – OMG! When we first discovered this, we could not believe it. When the ship is docked, the exit point is on Deck 3. WHAT?! There is an escalator that takes you from Deck 3 down to Deck 2 to leave the ship. And the escalator was closer to our room that American Icon Grill (I forgot to pace this one out because I was so excited at how close it was). We literally walked out of our room, made a right and the escalator was right there. And then, to get back on the ship, you ride the escalator back up to Deck 3 and walk to your room. Everyone else was standing at the elevators trying to crowd on just to get back to their upper deck cabins. This was definitely a Deck 3 double win!

• Cabin Layout & Storage:

Cabin Layout – Loved the bed by the window and the sofa by the closet
  1. Cabin Layout – I loved our cabin layout. We had the bed by the port hole and the sofa by the closet. I really like this configuration because it allows you to access the closet easier. (if you do not know, there are 2 configurations for the cabins on the Allure. One has the bed by the window and one has the bed by the closet. The cabins alternate configurations down the entire deck of the ship. So if you wanna know which configuration your cabin will have, see if you can find a review of a cabin on your deck and then alternate config until you reach your room. For example, we were in #3652 so you can then check the deck plans and alternate “window/closet” cabins until you reach yours).
  2. Storage – There was so much storage…let’s just say that if any other cruise line wants to see what practical storage looks like, they should really take a few notes from the Allure. The storage was amazing.
    Plenty of space in the closet

    There was plenty of closet space for all of our hanging clothes (although I will say that the closet doors were a bit frustrating trying to reach the clothes where the doors overlapped. You couldn’t quite get your arms in there and it was dark so you really had no idea what you were reaching for. Not a huge deal though). The closet also had fantastic shelves that held all of our undies, foldable shirts, and even had a space for all of our shoes.

    Great storage shelving by the mirror

    More storage was also found by the mirror/desk. GREAT JOB ROYAL CARIBBEAN FOR THIS SPACE! The mirror had this skinny shelving unit . The shelving had a door (awesome!) and it was perfect for all my makeup and all our little toiletry stuff (deodorant, perfume, sunscreen, hairspray, etc). I hate getting ready in a cruise ship bathroom because it is so small and usually steamed up from the shower that you just took, so it was awesome to have this little shelving space to get ready in front of the bedroom mirror.

    Great drawers for storage

    Also, as part of the desk, there were more drawers. These drawers would be great for undies but since we used the closet shelves for that stuff, I was able to use these drawers for all my hair stuff (3 hair brushes, hair dryer, ponytail holders, etc.) and we used the remaining drawers as a medicine drawer and one as a charger holder (we have a lot of chargers for all of our camera equipment and it was so nice to have a drawer to throw them all in so we didn’t have to keep packing them up in our camera bag).

    So much storage

    And we are not even finished with the storage…there was even more storage in the bathroom. Yep. That’s right, more storage in the bathroom. There were shelves in the bathroom for more toiletries if you needed the space. We ended up utilizing the room storage so well, that we only had a single tube of travel toothpaste on the shelves. It always made me chuckle when I saw it because here was this great storage space and this little tiny toothpaste sitting there (bet you were lonely all by yourself tiny toothpaste so here’s a razor to keep you company, haha). And also, there was a great shelf in the shower for all your shampoo, conditioner, soaps, etc. (By the way, there is a soap dispenser on the wall in the shower with shampoo and conditioner. Just in case you didn’t want to travel with your own).

Ventilation…this is something that is very important to me, especially in a smaller cabin. And no, this is not about smoking in your room or doing something else that is not allowed (seriously leave your toaster oven at home, lol). I am talking about steam from the shower. That pesky little cloud of water molecules that fly through the air and cover everything they touch with just a hint of moisture. I was SHOCKED to find that this cabin had the BEST ventilation I have ever seen on a cruise ship. The ventilation was even better than most of the suites we have stayed in. Seriously! By the time you were finished with your shower and dried off, the steam was gone (and I like pretty hot showers BTW). I really was amazed. So getting ready was a breeze. Usually I am sitting there blow drying my hair with sweat running down my face, but not in this cabin. The heat and steam were immediately whisked away. AMAZING!!!!

Best view of the ocean!

• Port Hole – This point may seem strange but I had to mention it because it was my favorite part of the room. This was our first oceanview room. We have been in inside cabins, balcony cabins and suites w/ balconies but we have never been in an oceanview room with a port hole. I loved that little window so much. I loved the light it would bring in the morning but most of all, I loved watching the water rushing by at night. The ship has these amazing lights that shine down on the side of the ocean and those lights illuminated the ocean perfectly. So with our nightly pizza and soda, we would sit and just watch the ocean rolling by. It was breathtaking and soothing and a memory that I will never forget.


Ok, let’s talk about a few negative things about cabin #3652. It wasn’t a negative for us (keep reading to understand why it didn’t bother us) but I could see this being something that would bother some people so I wanted to mention it. Remember how I just wrote that the location was awesome because everything was in close proximity? Well, also keep in mind that Deck 3 is practically in the ocean. There were 2 nights where the water was a little rocky so you could hear a lot of wave and ship sounds. This does not bother us because I travel with a noise maker. You wouldn’t be able to hear a jet land in your room with my noise maker so we could not hear the sounds when we were sleeping (we heard them before turning on the noise maker). If you are a light sleeper though, this could be an issue.

FYI – This could be noisy to some

Another noise issue came from docking. Our room was directly above the gangway to leave the ship so when porting, there is a lot of ruckus that comes from below the room. We didn’t have a problem with this because we were already up and getting ready for the port day. But if you wanted to sleep in on this day, I don’t think you could. You would definitely be jarred awake by the gangway being moved into position. Now I will say, after the walkways were in place, we didn’t hear any noise at all (and people are loud). We didn’t hear any people leaving or any noise from people getting back on the ship. It was just the placement of the big gangways that made the loudest noise. But again, if you are planning to leave the ship anyway, this shouldn’t be that big of deal.

Absolutely loved our Oceanview Cabin!


I loved Allure of the Seas Cabin #3652. I thought the location was fabulous and the port

hole gave me memories that I will treasure forever. I highly recommend this cabin and definitely recommend the Allure of the Seas. Check out my full review of our Allure cruise here: https://seanandstefirl.blog/2018/05/24/allure-of-the-seas-whats-it-like-on-the-3rd-largest-cruise-ship-in-the-world/  

What’s the best cruise ship cabin you have stayed in? Let me know in the comments. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!



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