The Alienware R4 Laptop: My Mobile Production Powerhouse


What I really should have called this article:

The Alienware R4 Laptop: My World Traveling, Video Editing, Cruise Vlogging, Live Streaming, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Travel Blogging, Client Product and Promo Creating Arsenal. Oh yeah and it plays games at an insane level too.

I’m a travel filmmaker, vlogger, story teller and visual effects artist. I co-own & run a video effects shop called Rampant Design. We create effects for everyone from Youtubers to TV Shows, Feature Films and everything in between. In addition to my company, I travel the world and document my stories. I create content for clients, my business and my travel vlogs. None of this would be possible without my TRULY SICK Alienware R4 Laptop.

My Alienware R4 laptop has seen the world via planes, cabs, cars, trains and cruise ships. I’ve edited in hotel rooms, cabins of cruise ships, on the beach, in a cable car, on a plane, on a train, in a cab, in ATL rush hour traffic the Alienware R4 doesn’t leave my side.


I’m Gangster on My Gear

I work 4am to midnight, seven days a week. When I’m not shooting, I’m editing or designing. That’s my life. I see render bars every time I close my eyes. My gear works 24/7, I quite literally murder my production equipment. I expect nothing but the best from my gear, always. The Alienware R4 doesn’t disappoint. When it’s not digitizing, it’s encoding, rendering, editing or otherwise processing. My laptop only shuts down for security stops. After that it’s ON.

What Have I Created with the Alienware R4 Laptop? Check it:


The Alienware R4 is a BEAST in every sense.

My Alienware R4 Laptop Specs:

  • Alienware R4 17.3″ Laptop – Intel Core i7 – 32GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 – 256GB Solid State Drive + 1TB Hard Drive

My Alienware R4 Editing Kit:

How I Use the Alienware R4:

I use external G-Tech and Samsung SSDs for editing and storage in the field.

On any given trip I have 4-5 cameras shooting daily. All of that footage gets dumped to SSDs and edited on the Alienware R4.

I use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of tools to tell my stories. That means using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Photoshop all day every day and the Alienware R4 handles my 4K video like a champ.

The Alienware R4 handles all of my Motion Graphics and Visual Effects work (Thats 400+ 4K layers, yo):

The Alienware R4 comes with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card so you know the GPU tears through my 4K projects.

As You Can See, The Alienware R4 is a Battle Cruiser.

This laptop is ready for anything. I beat my equipment like it owes me money. This laptop devours it all and craves more. If you’re looking for a 4K video powerhouse that will always deliver, it’s the Alienware R4.

The Alienware R4 Laptop Got Me Like:

Alienware R4 Laptop Specs & Info

Windows 10 operating system

Brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7 and introduces new features, such as Edge Web browser that lets you mark up Web pages on your screen. Learn more ›

17.3″ QHD display

2560 x 1440 resolution delivers amazing color and clarity.

7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-7820HK mobile processor

Powerful quad-core, eight-way processing performance. Intel Turbo Boost technology delivers dynamic extra power when you need it, while increasing energy efficiency when you don’t.

32GB system memory for intense multitasking and gaming

Abundance of high-bandwidth DDR4 RAM to smoothly run your graphics-heavy PC games and video editing applications, as well as numerous programs and browser tabs simultaneously.

1TB hard drive and 256GB solid state drive (SSD) for a blend of storage space and speed

The hard drive provides ample storage, while the SSD delivers faster start-up and data access times.

120hz G-SYNC technology for smooth gameplay

NVIDIA G-SYNC synchronizes the refresh rates between the GPU and display, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag.

Tobii eye tracking

Enables new gameplay functions for a completely unique user experience. Let your eyes be the controller and lose yourself in the game.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics

Backed by 8GB GDDR5X dedicated video memory for an ultrafast, advanced GPU to fuel your games.

Windows Mixed Reality Ultra Ready

Push your gaming and VR exhilaration to the limit with Windows Mixed Reality Ultra. This PC is compatible with Windows Mixed Reality headsets.Learn more ›

Weighs 9.7 lbs. and is 1.2″ thin

Compact power to go, so there’s no need to compromise on visual real estate or gaming power to gain portability. 6-cell lithium-ion battery.

Bluetooth 4.1 interface syncs with compatible devices

Wirelessly transfer photos, music and other media between the desktop and your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or MP3 player, or connect Bluetooth wireless accessories.

3 USB 3.0 ports maximize the latest high-speed devices

USB 3.0 ports are backward-compatible with USB 2.0 devices (at 2.0 speeds).

HDMI output expands your viewing options

Connect the laptop to an HDTV or high-definition monitor to set up two screens side by side or just see more of the big picture.

Thunderbolt 3 port for connecting advanced monitors and external drives

This single interface supports both high-speed data and high-definition video, plus power over cable for bus-powered devices is ideal for digital content creators.

Wireless network connectivity

High-speed wireless LAN is built into the laptop, so it connects to your network or hotspots on the most common Wi-Fi standards in both laptop and tablet modes.

Built-in FHD webcam

Makes it easy to video chat with your family and friends or teleconference with colleagues over Skype or other popular applications.

Backlit keyboard

Allows you to enjoy comfortable and accurate typing, even in dim lighting.

Sean Mullen is a Travel Filmmaker, Vlogger, VFX Artist, Brand Ambassador and the CEO & Lead Designer of Rampant Design, Inc. He is a 3 Time Emmy Award Winner and former Walt Disney World Monorail Pilot. Sean is married to the AMAZING Stef IRL.

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