Learn How To Vlog With Your Phone Lesson 02: Types of Footage

What Will I Learn?

This lesson will go over the different types of footage you will be capturing from your phone. I will go over all the different types of footage and explain when and where you would get the footage.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand vlogging or selfie footage.

• Understand B-Roll and understand why B-Roll is the most important type of footage you will be collecting.

• Understand the use of slow motion footage.

• Understand timelapse.

• Understand the use of Snapchat or vertical video footage.

Prior Knowledge:

This training series is for all beginning vloggers or video creators. No prior knowledge is necessary. I am going to walk you through all the steps needed to publish your very own story to YouTube.

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Learn How To Vlog With Your Phone Lesson 02: Types of Footage Video Transcription

Stefanie Mullen:  Hi everyone. Stef here from Sean & Stef IRL. In this video, we’ll continue our training series on how to vlog with your phone. In this episode I’m gonna talk about all the different types of footage you’re gonna be shooting with your phone for your vlog.

Now, before we start, if you are joining us for the first time today, make sure you check out the other episodes in this series. I always talk about everything from the gear I recommend all the way to the things necessary to publish your video to YouTube. Like I just mentioned, this is all about footage. We’re gonna talk about the different types of footage you’re gonna be gathering from your phone.

Now, before I start talking anything, I wanna emphasize the following thing. You cannot, and I mean, you cannot ever shoot enough footage. Shoot everything. Everything that you see, shoot it. Okay? Don’t worry about storage. Don’t worry about anything else. Just get it all on camera, because you cannot do it again. Once that time has passed, it’s gone. Shoot it now, and you’re gonna thank me a lot later, when start editing. Seriously. You cannot have enough footage. Okay, let’s talk about the different types of footage you’re gonna get. Alright? There are five different types. The first type, you’re gonna be vlogging to the camera. That’s going to be your primary video source. What does that mean? You’re gonna be talking into the camera. You have camera’s facing you. You’re talking. It’s like a selfie mode. You’re gonna be telling your audience things like, what you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing. You’re gonna be talking to them. It’s sort of like a personal diary. Talk to your audience as much as you want. Again, you can’t get enough footage. Right? That’s number one. Vlogging footage.

Number, your second type of footage is going to be B-Roll. This is your most important footage ever. It really is. It’s going to be supporting what you’re talking about. When you’re talking to the camera, flip your camera around and show your audience what you’re talking about. Again, this is your most important footage. B-Roll. B-Roll footage is the most important. Again, shoot as much B-Roll as you can. Seriously. It’s one thing to start talking about a whale jumping out of the water, but if you don’t see it, you’re audience is gonna be like, “I really wanted to see that whale.” Turn your camera around, let them see what you’re talking about and show them. Again, shoot it all. Shoot everything. Everything you’re seeing, everything you’re feeling. Shoot it. Get some coverage of it. You’re gonna thank me later.

Alright. Moving right along to slow motion footage. That’s our number three. Slow motion footage. Now, our cameras do great slow motion. It’s wonderful. Slow motion is a great way to add an emotional response to your video. We like to show slow motion on lifestyle things, maybe a police officer doing traffic, or maybe somebody pulling the lines off of a cruise ship. It creates this emotional attachment with your viewers. Slow motion is your third type of video. Alright?

Number four. Your fourth type of video is going to be time lapse. This is a great way to show time that has gone by. Maybe a sunset, or a sunrise if you have an extended period of time that you wanna show, turn on your time lapse on your phone and shoot it that way. Now again, remember, if you’re using the , it’s great to add a tripod, or a tripod. You can attach it to something. Again, this is going to be an extended period of time. Put your iPhone, or you Android on a tripod and get your time lapse. Okay? Your phone’s gonna do all the heavy work. It’s really easy to use. Love time lapse. We use it all the time.

Now, the very last piece of footage, our number five is going to be Snapchat footage, or vertical video footage. You don’t have to use this. It’s not necessary, but if you’re like us and you wanna add Snapchat, it’s a great piece to put in there for your footage. We like to use Snapchat as a transition device. When we’re transitioning from say breakfast, to swimming, right? You put a Snap in there. It gives you this cute way to, sort of transition from one scene to the next. Also, it adds a lot of emotion, a lot of personality to your video. If you’re like us and you’re like me, I love it, cause it’s just plain fun. I mean, you can’t really be angry when you stick a couple bunny ears on yourself and you start talking to the camera in some high pitched voice. It’s awesome.

Those are our types of five. We’ve got your vlogging footage, your talking to the camera footage. You’ve got your B-Roll that supports your talking to the camera footage. You have slow motion footage. You have time lapse footage. You have you Snapchat or vertical video footage. Okay? Those are your five different types of footage you’re gonna be collecting from your phone.

Okay, now that we’ve talked about all the different types of footage we’re gonna be shooting, let’s jump to the next part of our series, where we talk about getting that footage off your phone and into your computer for editing. Once again, I’m Stef, from Sean & Stef IRL. If you would like more vlogging tips, check out makebettervlogs.com. Also, if you’re interested in purchasing a PDF version of this training series, check the links in the description. Thanks so much for watching guys. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

Sean Mullen is a Travel Filmmaker, Vlogger, VFX Artist, Brand Ambassador and the CEO & Lead Designer of Rampant Design, Inc. He is a 3 Time Emmy Award Winner and former Walt Disney World Monorail Pilot. Sean is married to the AMAZING Stef IRL.

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