Hands on Chocolate Experience at Chocal | Carnival Horizon Cruise Vlog Day 06

The AMAZING Women of Chocal | Carnival Horizon Cruise Vlog Day 06

Today the Carnival Horizon ports in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, and for Sean and Stef it’s all about giving back to the local community & helping out. Sean and Stef have signed up for the Chocal Hands on Chocolate Experience, high up in the mountains of Altamira. This is a Fathom Excursion, an amazing organization that Sean and Stef support 100%. See more about Fathom here: https://www.fathom.org/

Chocal is a chocolate factory run by 22 amazing women who wanted to earn an income without having to leave their families for days or weeks to look for work.

It takes 40 minutes to get from Amber Cove to the community of Altamira and the first stop is at a farm where Sean and Stef learn about cacao plant cultivation, prepare the organic soil and plant the cacao seeds for growth in the local nursery. Then Sean and Stef watched the process of germination, fermentation, drying and bagging the final cacao beans. Stef even got to taste a dried cacao bean which tasted remarkably like chocolate.

Once in the factory, Sean and Stef separate the chocolate from shells, sort good beans from bad, fill chocolate molds and sort bars into final packaging for sale around the Dominican Republic.

Sean and Stef have this to say about the Hands on Chocolate Experience:

“This was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. Thank you Carnival, Fathom and the wonderful women of Chocal!! This experience forever changed us for the better.”

After a 40 minute bus ride back to the Carnival Horizon, Sean and Stef cool off in the Havana Pool, have dinner at the fantastic 555 Fahrenheit Steakhouse including the unreal ‘Art at Your Table’ for desert, craft cocktails at the Alchemy Bar and end the evening at the 80’s Rock N Glow Party.

What an incredible end to another unforgettable day on the beautiful Carnival Horizon.
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