The MSC Seaside is the Ship to Beat in 2018.

Ahh The Polarizing MSC Seaside.

This ship has mad drama. So much so that we’re being harassed daily on our vlogs. It’s crazy. Let’s start with this is my opinion on what I witnessed and experienced first hand sailing on the MSC Seaside.

I truly believe that the MSC Seaside is the ship to beat in 2018. Not the ship to beat down in 2018. 

To curb the ‘what do you know about cruising’ comments we receive from various Travel Agents: We’ve sailed a total of 18 times. Six of which were in the last six months. We’ve sailed in the Haven on Norwegian six times across three ships. We may not qualify to be seasoned sailors but we have been to muster drill and back more than a few times.
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3652 Oceanview Cabin Review: Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas – Cabin 3652

It’s Cabin Talk Time!!

This review is all about our oceanview stateroom on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. Our cabin was #3652 and it was probably my favorite non-suite room we have ever stayed in. Wanna know why I loved it so much? Keep reading… Read more

Allure of the Seas | What’s It Like on the 3rd Largest Cruise Ship in the World?

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The largest cruise ship I have ever seen and Royal Caribbean has 2 ships that are even bigger. Wowza!

WOW! I must have said this word like a billion times on the Allure of the Seas. Kudos to the Royal Caribbean marketing team for using WOW in their promotions because it sums up our entire week on the Allure very nicely. This is my first written review about a cruise ship so I figured I would break down the cruise into smaller chunks to talk about. Here’s how our week on the 3rd largest cruise ship (6,500+ passengers) in the world went…

After You Read My Review on Allure of the Seas, Check out Our Allure Cruise Vlogs.

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