The Top Sail Lounge and Outdoor Deck in the Yacht Club on the MSC SeaSide

The Top Sail Lounge in the Yacht Club on the MSC Seaside has got to be my new all time favorite Lounge. Complete unobstructed forward views, an indoor lounge with upstairs restaurant and an outdoor deck that wraps around the entire front of the ship. The bar is massive and there are light snacks and even high tea served daily. You can start your morning with a light breakfast in the lounge, grab the best cappuccino ever or have a mimosa. Or walk up the beautiful stairs and have an amazing full breakfast.

Lunch has yummy snacks during the day and amazing cocktails of course.

Dinner in the Yacht Club is delightful. Live music from an amazing pianist and violinist fills the lounge as you dine on fantastic food and drink.

Grab an after dinner drink in the lounge and head out to the outside deck, warm summer breezes and a modern but chill environment makes the outdoor deck of the Yacht Club one of my all time favorite places to be.

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The Arcade & Bowling on the AMAZING MSC SeaSide

If you know us, you know we love arcades. We’re super competitive and love to have fun. This ship has an arcade like none I’ve seen before. Yes the bowling is crazy fun but not nearly as addicting as the F1 simulator or the interactive XD Cinema. We went round for round racing the F1 and fighting zombies, robot cowboys and other gnarly beasties. Best arcade at sea, hands down.

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The Uniquely Beautiful Atrium of the AMAZING MSC SeaSide

I love beautiful architecture and design. I love when a company changes things up. If you’re looking for a traditional atrium, this isn’t your ship. This gorgeous four story environment morphs with the mood of the moment and I love it. Live music. Performances. Video. Fun. What’s not to love? It’s different and I love it for that reason alone.

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