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Hi there! Thanks for checking out Sean and Stef IRL. We’re glad you’re here! That’s us in the image above. We’re Sean and Stefanie Mullen. We’re a married couple, we run our own business and we love to vlog about our travels. As long as we have internet and our laptops, we can run our business from anywhere in the world. That brings us here to our travel vlog.

Our mission is simple: Travel and spread positivity.

You can find out all about our journey and how we started our vlog here.

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It sounds cliche but it’s true. The absolute best way to help us is to share our vlogs or blog articles on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, website etc. This one won’t cost you anything but a minute of your time and we’re super grateful for it. We’d like to keep our vlog going. A few ways that you can really help us out and it won’t cost you any money is to subscribe to our channel here, like our vlogs and share our channel or blog posts. Thank you for your support! We truly love you for it!



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When we travel, we produce an episode for every day of the trip. These episodes are called vlogs or video blogs.

For example, you can see our 15 Day Transatlantic Norwegian Epic vlog here:

You can also see our 7 Day Norwegian Getaway Vlog here:

By supporting us, you keep us traveling and creating more episodes. Every bit helps. Even $1.

Our average trip costs us around $4000. That’s our cost for a typical seven day trip, which includes the production of the episodes, including the shooting and editing. A seven day trip typically yields seven or more episodes.

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So you want to help us out, perhaps consider donating to our vlog. If you don’t want to donate via our GoFundMe or Patreon pages, you can send us a donation directly. No middle person, no frills. Just a straight up tip jar. Thank you! While we’re constantly on the grind and typically work more than 100 hours per week, we’re not wealthy. Stefanie finds amazing deals, unique offers and points to get us to the destinations that we travel to. If you decide to donate, we’ll find unique and fun ways to thank you. Including but not limited to shoutouts on the show, personalized post cards and videos from our journeys and more. Obviously we don’t expect anyone to financially support us, but if you do we’ll do our best to give you all the love we can! Every little bit helps, even $1! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering donating to our channel.

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Still want to help out? Consider supporting our business. Let’s talk about our day job.  I previously mentioned that we run our own business. See that sticker on our laptops that says “Make Your Video Stand Out”? Our company is called Rampant Design. We create effects and tools for anyone who makes video. I mean anyone. From shooting your kid’s soccer game to families on vacation to vloggers to television shows and feature films, we create useful tools for all video and film content creators. Stefanie and I have been running our company since 2010 and you can see our effects on TV shows like America’s Got Talent, Project Runway, Amazing Race, etc. Stefanie and I split our time between creating products and training people how to use them. We have over 5 million views on our training and tutorials. You can see our business YouTube channel here.

Any time that you buy anything from our store it helps us stay on the road and you get some cool effects and tools for your next videos. The stuff we make works in all editing apps too, including Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Filmora, Hitfilm, Avid and more. What kinds of effects and tools so we have? We’ve got Film & Light Effects Animated Mattes, Transitions, Motion Graphics, Distortion and Grunge, Visual Effects, and Animated Backgrounds. We also have specific tools for editing apps like Premiere Pro presets, Premiere MOGRT Templates, and Final Cut Pro X plugins too. Our company mission is to help you make better video and we try to help out everyone that we can, every single day. Even when we’re on the road.

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Have you seen our vlog? All of our effects, transitions and mattes come from our Style Kits. Best part? These amazing little kits are only $19 each and come with hours of training! Yep, only $19. You like the Emojiis that Stef uses in our vlog? That’s a style kit. Did you see the heart around Stef in this episode? That’s this style kit right here. If you buy a Style Kit, we get to stay on the road and you get drag and drop goodness for your video. We think it’s a win win.


Review and Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you have a business, product, service or experience that you’d like us to review? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Perhaps you want us to feature your business on our vlog? Maybe you just want your business logo at the end of our show? Check out our Review and Sponsorship page here for more info.